‘Homesick for South Africa’

a personal documentary

Documentary, 1988, 3 x 50 minutes

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Saskia Vredeveld returned to South Africa, the country where she was born and brought up. Her childhood in South Africa was carefree with the prospects of a rosy future. At the age of 16, her parents returned to the Netherlands, where they were confronted with a different picture of South Africa, a country where racial hatred and oppression ruled. At first she refused to believe any of this, but in the end she was forced to see reality. Her pride changed to shame and she learnt to hide her origins. Thirteen years after her departure, she returned to Cape Town with mixed feelings and talked to her former friends, visited schools, reminisced and tried to come to terms with the feelings of nostalgia towards South Africa and her childhood.

Script, directing & camera Saskia Vredeveld

Text narration Marion Bloem

Editing Saskia Vredeveld, Vera Jong

Broadcast by VPRO Television, The Netherlands
Dutch Film Festival