‘Leaving Mandela Park'

stories of children in the townships of Cape Town, South Afrca

Feature documentary 2010, 70 min. 16 mm film

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Leaving Mandela Park is a story about children’s dreams in the townships of South Africa. Each child has an extraordinary drive to escape the harsh reality of everyday life through music and dance. Siseko sings opera escaping the abuse by his father, Cynthia plays the saxofoon while staying out of the hands of gangsters, and Guava sings kwaito on streetcorners while Pinkie dances her way out of poverty. Their dreams are not isolated. They form a metaphor for the future of a country that will depend on this young generation.


Director, script Saskia Vredeveld

Script Bart de Graaff

Camera Melle van Essen

Editing Riekje Ziengs

Sound Frenk van de Sterre

Music Hans Helawaut

Producers Frank van den Engel, Mara Mouwen, Willemijn Ceruttie

Zeppers Film, co-production Off World, Belgum., Ikon, Cobo Funds, Dutch Film Fund,