Saskias' last films are travelling to various filmfestival in the world.  'Leaving Mandela Park' won the audience award in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

2 films  will have its premiere in 2013:


'The Asylum'

a 10 minute black and white art film in associatien with photographer Roger Ballen, cinematograhper Melle van Essen.


'Letters to Zohra'

a 50 minute docmentary for Dutch television, in associatien with Henna Renfurm and Armadillo Film

Letters to Zohra is a documentary on the life of Ahmed Kathrada, an extraordinary South African freedom fighter. This anti-apartheid champion of Indian parentage was imprisoned together with Nelson Mandela on Robben Island.

On 12 June 1964 at the notorious Rivonia trial, Ahmed Kathrada, Nelson Mandela and several other activists were found guilty of preparing an armed uprising against the apartheid regime in South Africa.

Nelson Mandela’s story will be very familiar to all; ‘Kathy’ Kathrada far less so. Mandela once wrote that Kathrada, ‘was part of my life for so long and our stories were so interwoven, that there is no other option but to tell them together.’
We therefore view the story of the South African struggle for freedom as incomplete

without Kathrada’s story. In this documentary, we highlight his role using extracts from some of the more than 900 letters and cards he succeeded in having smuggled out of prison during his quarter century of internment. For eighteen of those years, Kathrada’s most important contact in the outside world – his eyes and ears in ‘ordinary life’ – was his niece Zohra.

‘Kathy’ Kathrada is now 80 years old but his words and gestures suggest a man ten years his junior. This hale and hearty man has a flair for telling a tale, alternating self-mockery with gravity.

'Ela Gandhi'

Saskia produced a short documentary directed by Henna Renfurm for Dutch television which was broadcasted end of 2012.